Danielle M – University of Virginia

I am honored to receive a scholarship based on the strength of our service members and military families who have given their service to our country.  I feel empowered to continue on this long journey to become a Doctor and make a successful career in the medical field.  With the cost of Tuition on the rise nation-wide, this scholarship greatly reduces my “work/study” life with a part-time job especially during the hardest Senior year and heading into a period where having the flexibility to adjust to changes while our country deals with the pandemic will give me more time to focus on my Biology Major and maintaining a high GPA which will be a major advantage getting into Medical School where it is a challenge for even highly qualified applicants to stand out during the admissions process.  I hope to keep to the great promise to benefit our country and community.  These educational pursuits are dreams that Patriot Education Fund has made it possible with their generous support.  Thank you for enabling this opportunity!