Applying for a Patriot Education Fund Scholarship?

Answers to ALL eligibility questions are below.

The Patriot Education Fund is a national nonprofit charitable organization founded in 2011 by Mark and Dana Slaby after they noticed an unmet need. The Slabys realized that, even after student veterans applied their Post‐9/11 GI Bill benefits to their tuition bills, there were still substantial financial gaps for which the student veteran was financially responsible. The Patriot Education Fund provides multi-year/repetitive scholarships over and above the benefits provided by the Post‐9/11 GI Bill, to help minimize the financial gaps of our post‐9/11 military families as they pursue higher education.

The minimum requirements to apply for a Patriot Education Fund scholarship are specific to our mission and therefore cannot be waived in any way:

1. Must be a United States citizen with a valid driver’s license or ID card

2. Must be a Post‐9/11 military member (active duty/reservist/veteran) Rank E1 to E5 enlisted OR the spouse of OR the dependent child of a Post‐9/11 military member.

3. Must be eligible to receive Post‐9/11 GI Bill benefits (if you are eligible to receive Post‐9/11 benefits, but your benefits are exhausted, please apply. Exhausted benefits do not disqualify an applicant.)

4. Must be formally accepted into the program for which you are seeking funding (acceptance letter will be required).

5. Must demonstrate financial need. Applicant must have a financial gap in tuition and mandatory fees for the upcoming academic year. If you do not have a financial gap or are not financially responsible for any tuition and mandatory fees during the upcoming academic year, you are not eligible to apply. If you are a working student, student worker, or have any income, you will need to provide a pay stub.

No. Any and all applications that do not meet the minimum requirements will not be reviewed. Our minimum requirements are specific to our mission and therefore cannot be waived in any way. Please click the following link for helpful information on other scholarship opportunities that may be of interest (Patriot Education Fund is not affiliated with Joining Forces)

Our scholarships are available to applicants pursuing:
• Certificate, trade, vocational programs
• Undergraduate, 4‐year degree level, Bachelor’s degree level
• Other adequately accredited occupational programs of the 4‐year level and under.

The Patriot Education Fund provides scholarships until degree completion, program completion, certification completion (within reason). When scholar is selected, Patriot Education Fund intends to provide funds through the completion of the current degree/program/certificate. The recipient will be re-considered for a scholarship each Fall (August) and each Spring consider and disburse funds in the Fall and Spring, even where institutions are on different term/semester schedules). There are usually no issues with the financial aid office.

No. You only need to apply one time to be considered for scholarships throughout your current degree, program, or certificate; however, scholarship recipients MUST remain in academic good standing, and be prompt in their responses to the Patriot Educational Fund when PEF requests information, etc. PEF reserves the right to terminate scholarships/financial assistance in unique circumstances.

Patriot Education Fund scholars are leaders, ambassadors, and mentors.

• Leader – Attends Patriot Education Fund fundraisers and marketing efforts to spread the message

• Ambassador – Knows our mission and is always ready represent Patriot Education Fund

• Mentor – Be available to connect with another scholar if applicable and within reason