Sean G

Marine Corps – Keller School of Management

Sean Grimes actively served the United States Marine Corps from 2001 until 2007. Upon being discharged after two years of active duty in Iraq in 2009, he had suffered a mild heart attack at the young age of 29. Doctors said that the cause of it was stress induced from his time served in Iraq. He later was told that he would need back surgery to perform a disk replacement due to injuries from his time in the Marines, which he declined.

In 2011, Sean was hospitalized due to having flu-like symptoms and bad headaches. An MRI found that he had a mass in the front of his brain, and he had been diagnosed with Stage One Brain Cancer. Sean is currently in good health and his cancer is in remission, but he still lives with 60% of the tumor in his brain.

Despite these hardships, Sean graduated from DeVry in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Technical Management with a concentration in Criminal Justice. While attending school full time, he was also the president of the DeVry Military Resource Club. He is currently attending Keller School of Management to obtain a Master of Business Administration degree.